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Thanks for visiting If this is your first visit here, hello and welcome. I'm John, I'm a scripter and designer by profession, and I make fonts. I do lots of other things too, but if you're reading this, Google Analytics tells me that you're probably here for my Javascripts for Adobe Illustrator.

But don't let me rush you... Look around, have fun and if you see anything you like, click that little picture of me on the bottom right, and pop me a message on my contact page.


Latest Project

3D printed plectrums!
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What's a Wundes? (wun-dehs) is the digital portfolio/playground of John B. Wundes. The website went online in 2003, and has gone through 3 major revisions. The surname 'Wundes' is German in origin, but credit for the most creative interpretation goes to Dave Peterson who used it as an acronym for the six possible directions, (West, Up, North, Down, East, South) in a solution to the 'Traveling Salesman Problem' .